Algebraic General Topology and Math Synthesis – Math Discoveries of Victor Porton

I work in the following areas of mathematics:

General Topology
I discovered Algebraic General Topology, a new field of math which will replace old General Topology. Mathematical Synthesis is how I call Algebraic General Topology applied to study of Mathematical Analysis.

Among other things, it hides epsilon-delta notion behind a smart algebra.

Logic and formalized mathematics
Misc math
The rest of my mathematical materials.

I also do applied computer science research related to XML.

No scientific degree

I have not finished university study (for reasons related to fear of religious discrimination, as I was a Protestant studying in a Russian university).

So I posses no official scientific degree.

I returned to scientific research after some pause related to religious reasons.

I also can confess that now I remember little of what I studied in the university, but now I am a good narrow specialist for my math research.


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